City of Greater Geelong Council Election


Formed in 2009, with thousands of members across Australia and an elected MP in the NSW parliament, the Animal Justice Party (AJP) is part of a rapidly growing international movement. Our vision is a planet on which animals are treated with respect, dignity, compassion and kindness, where they are able to flourish in their respective environments, and where their unique needs and capabilities are recognised and their interests protected.

The AJP recognises a need for animal representation at all levels of politics. We have already shaped the creation of more animal friendly policies at a state and federal level. We know we can do the same within our local communities that will in turn improve the lives and wellbeing of all.

The AJP is pleased to announce six candidates standing in the 2017 City of Greater Geelong Council election:

Bronwen Baker candidate for Windermere ward

Jacqueline Jacka candidate for Brownbill ward

Jennifer Gamble candidate for Brownbill ward

Elliot Taylor candidate for Kardinia ward

Peter Oseckas candidate for Kardinia ward

Naomi Adams candidate for Bellarine ward

If elected our candidates will focus on achieving the best possible outcomes that the Clever and Creative Future Program can deliver. Our candidates are diverse, bringing a range of experiences, skills and knowledge to the table. However, what remains consistent is their strong values, and their drive and passion to make the City of Greater Geelong a better place to live for all.

As the Animal Justice Party our first and foremost concern is ensuring the non-human animals we share our lives with are given equal consideration. We have identified two key areas of concern:

Funding Geelong Animal Welfare Society (GAWS)
The City of Greater Geelong has one of the highest numbers of dog and cat registrations per capita in Australia, and brings in millions of dollars from those registrations. The Council is the largest user of the Geelong Animal Welfare Society (GAWS), however it doesn’t make any financial contributions to the service, making GAWS entirely reliant on donations to survive. Each year GAWS runs on an operational deficit with last year’s reported loss in excess of $700,000.

We believe the Council has a moral and ethical responsibility to reverse this situation, and will seek a single payment of $1 million to remove the debt, and give GAWS an operational budget of $250,000 for the first year. This will be followed by $400,000 per year for the following five years.

Reduction in animal cruelty
Geelong has once again had the highest number of reported cases of animal cruelty in Victoria. This is unacceptable, and a situation that requires a strong and urgent response.

We will increase the resources of the Animal Compliance Department. More officers who are better resourced, coupled with a dramatic increase in financial assistance for de-sexing that will be compulsory for all domestic animals. Residents living in the City of Greater Geelong will not be permitted to breed companion animals. These legislated changes will coincide with community education programs.

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