Tony Hulbert's Statement

Many of you would have seen the recent article in the Leader paper quoting my views on marriage equality and homosexuality. Although I spoke mostly about animal issues, which is what I am representing as a candidate for the AJP, the media decided to focus on only the marriage equality part of the conversation. I am deeply regretful that I may have caused anyone any pain and also bring negative attention to the party.

It certainly was not my intention and is certainly not the position of the party I represent.

What I would like to say is that recently I have begun a journey of self-development and awareness after viewing the world through very conservative and traditional eyes for the majority of my life. This influenced not only my views but also behaviors, and I am so thankful that I finally saw the abhorrent cruelty that is inflicted on animals and as a result changed my behavior to not only follow a vegan diet but also fight to create a kinder world for them. My journey also includes the evolution of my views towards other social injustices. I am still opening my eyes to a way of thinking that is very new to me.

I understand that my comments although in no way intended to cause harm or go against the values of the party I represent, the fact is they have. So for this reason, there is no other option for me but to resign from the party and stand down as a candidate for the sake of all.

Kind regards
Tony Hulbert

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