Volunteer Information

Key contacts and party information

Thanks so much for your interest in becoming a volunteer. If you aren't already a member we will need you to become one. You can do so by completing our online member form here. If you need to renew your membership you can do so here.

Please also make sure you've completed our online Volunteer Registration Form to ensure we have your details in the system for further communication.

Volunteering opportunities

Please feel free to contact any of the following people to chat further about volunteering opportunities:

Bruce Poon (photography, video, submissions)

Rosie Lavin (accounting, bookkeeping, financial reporting, online shop)

Miranda Smith (marketing, graphic design, stalls, PR)

Kristin Bacon (campaigns, outreach)

Eleonora Gullone (campaigns)

Magda Wozny (regional group leaders, elections, database management)

Vanessa Browne (fundraising, events, social media)


Not sure which area you’re interested in but would like a further chat? Contact our HR Manager, Fiona McRostie:


Please join us at these regular meetings:

Quarterly AJP Induction meeting (Sept, Dec, Mar, June)
Quarterly Members’ Meeting (July, Oct, Jan, April)
Quarterly Volunteer Info Meeting (Aug, Nov, Feb, May)

To keep up to date with the events AJP is hosting, please visit our Facebook Page and hit “SUBSCRIBE”. 





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