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Who We Are

The Animal Justice Party (AJP) is a political party that was formed in response to the growing number of voters who feel strongly that much more needs to be done through the Australian parliamentary system to assist the wellbeing of animals. Our vision is a planet on which animals are treated with respect, dignity, compassion and kindness, where they are able to flourish in their respective environments, and where their unique needs and capabilities are recognised and their interests protected. To achieve this we believe there is a need for animal representation at all levels of politics and we have already shaped the creation of more animal-friendly policies at both a state and federal level. 

With three Members of Parliament and two Councillors elected in just five years the Party is rapidly becoming a political powerhouse for animals. Our Victorian and New South Wales MPs are already taking huge steps forward for animals, holding the government to account, and introducing bills and motions to end animal cruelty. Our recently elected Councillors will similarly be powerful advocates for animals in local government.

State Parliament 

In 2018, the Victorian branch of the Animal Justice Party celebrated the election of Andy Meddick to the Victoria Legislative Council. This was no surprise to anyone involved with the Animal Justice Party. As the Regional Group Leader for our Western Victoria Regional Group, Andy had worked tirelessly for years to develop and organise a great team of passionate volunteers, and to relentlessly lobby Local, State & Federal representatives on issues concerning animals.

Andy's work ethic and dedication to his volunteer role has manifest into the Parliamentarian we know today. Supported in Parliament by another great team, his professionalism, work ethic and impassioned advocacy has earned Andy and the Animal Justice Party respect from all corners of Parliament. Andy is a regular speaker at our members' meetings so please come to hear more about the important work he is doing. 

Local Government 

In the October 2020 Council Elections, the election of both Charlie Vincent to Alpine Shire and Julie Sloan to City of Greater Bendigo affirmed that Victorians truly believe that animals deserve dedicated political representation, and across all tiers of government. 

You will be hearing a lot more about these two fantastic women, and we will encourage you to follow them on social media and to come to Regional Group meetings where they will share updates on their work. We can't wait to see the benefit for the animals through these recent and exciting wins.

They stand on your shoulders!

It is only from your ongoing support for the Animal Justice Party that makes it possible for us to put candidates up for election and to take issues concerning animals to the voting public. Your membership, your donations and your volunteer time are very much appreciated and our elected representatives stand on your shoulders. Well done and thank you, one and all!