2016 Local Council Candidate Application

Interested in representing the Animal Justice Party in your local council?

The Victorian local general elections are being held on 22 October and we’re looking for people who are interested in running to represent animals in their local communities.

Local government provides services ranging from traditional town planning and waste management to community development, environmental protection, economic development and much more. Councillors that serve on local councils play a vital role in meeting the needs of local communities. Change within local areas is often most effectively achieved through the influence of council.  Running on behalf of the Animal Justice Party will mean for the first time animal issues within your local community can be brought to the forefront.

As a councillor you will have the opportunity to influence local animal issues including shutting down greyhound tracks, opening up parks for dogs, implementing no-kill shelters for companion animals and putting an end to animal circuses, hatching programs and wildlife culls.

To run for local council you will need to live within your council and have a good understanding of the issues and needs of the local community. You will also need to prepare for the chance you may win! If you do you will be accepting a paid position that will require approximately two days per week of your time over a four year period.

How to apply

To apply please provide a 200-300 word submission including which council you would like to run for, the reason you would like to run for council, why you believe you should be considered as a candidate/councillor and the local issues you would focus on. Applications must be received no later than 5pm on Monday 12 September. Please email them to membership@ajpvic.org.au

Successful applicants will then be contacted to attend a pre-selection interview to be conducted prior to September 19. Before applying please ensure you qualify to run as a candidate in your local election. You can do so by visiting the Victorian Electoral Commission website

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