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Free hens from cages
Caged hens are unable to stretch, explore, scratch in the dirt or spread their wings. We will ban battery cages.

Ban Live Export  
Each year millions of animals suffer on lengthy sea journeys. We won’t stop until we achieve a ban on all live animal exports, forever.

Protect Ducks
Each duck shooting season, thousands of ducks are wounded or killed. We will call for an immediate end to duck shooting.

Safeguard our National Emblem
Kangaroos should be protected and not seen as resources or pests. We’ll urgently change legislation to protect kangaroos from commercial killing.

Take Greyhounds off the Track
Greyhound racing leads to over breeding and the killing of thousands of healthy dogs. We will fight to secure a total ban on greyhound racing.

Increased Penalties for Animal Cruelty
We’ll change the law to ensure appropriate sentences for perpetrators of animal cruelty.

Formed in 2009, with thousands of members across Australia and an elected MP in the NSW parliament, the Animal Justice Party (AJP) is part of a rapidly growing international movement.

The Animal Justice Party aims to represent animals in parliament and to ensure laws and policies are implemented and enforced to achieve genuine justice for animals.


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