Meet our Candidates

The major parties have all the dollars behind them, but we have the passion! Unfortunately, passion is not enough, and our hard-working candidates need some help to be able to get their message across to as many people as possible.

Your donation will help with the registration fees of Candidates, flyers, how-to-vote cards, as well as digital and social media advertising.

We are running 18 seats across Victoria including in the Senate, where we have a very real chance of winning.

You can learn more about our Candidates by clicking on their name and seat below. If you're unsure which seat you live in you can find out here.  If there is no candidate in your lower house seat, you can still vote for our Senate Candidate Ben Schultz. 


Ben Schultz - Lead Senate Candidate

Fiona McRostie - Second Senate Candidate

Bryn Hills - Ballarat

Ruth Parramore - McEwen

Travis Barker - Casey

Rosie Lavin - Chisholm

Nadine Richings - Cooper

Naomi Adams - Corangamite

Vinita Costantino - Deakin

James Persson - Flinders

Elizabeth Johnston - Dunkley

Alicia Walker - Higgins

Bronwyn Currie - Isaacs

Davina Hinkley - Kooyong

Craig McPherson - Macnamara

Lawrence Pope - Melbourne

Rod Whitfield - Scullin

Chris Miles - Wills



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