Acclaimed Greyhound Racing Vet Claims Euthanasia Irrelevant To Welfare

Media Release
Thursday 21 July 2016

Celebrated greyhound racing veterinarian Dr Des Fegan and co-author of the industry-acclaimed book The Care of the Racing Greyhound claims the mass euthanasia of greyhounds is not cruel.
In a recent opinion editorial on a racing industry website, Dr Fegan wrote, “Animal welfare is exclusively related to the care of the animals when they are alive."
Fegan also said “The issue of whether we euthanise animals is a social not welfare question. It is certainly not evidence of cruelty as has been suggested by the Premier of New South Wales.”
Dr Eleonora Gullone, founder of the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds, disagrees: “Dr Fegan’s beliefs that euthanising thousands of healthy dogs is not cruel demonstrate that the racing industry is seriously out of step with the rest of society. It is also out of step with the evidence that significant numbers of dogs are killed in cruel ways."
“Dr Fegan is not an unknown dabbler in greyhound racing; he is considered a ‘top vet’ by Greyhound Racing Victoria, owns racing greyhounds and often writes for industry media.
“Many industry participants are now lauding Dr Fegan’s sentiments that the euthanasia of healthy greyhounds is irrelevant to their welfare."
“This simply proves that greyhound racing must be banned. The industry is in denial, unwilling to change and unapologetic for their transgressions against animal welfare."
“You cannot reform people who think they are not doing anything wrong.”
Exiting Greyhound Racing New South Wales (GRNSW) CEO Paul Newson said in a media release last week that the industry showed little motive to change:
“We often had to deal with outright denial of the significant animal welfare issues in the industry. On many occasions proposed reforms were dismissed and resisted by industry participants…”
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