AJP Announces Candidates

 AJP_Campaign_Launch.jpgThe Animal Justice Party targets marginal seats. 


Actress and pioneering animal rights activist Lynda Stoner is one of 53 candidates standing for the Animal Justice Party in the coming federal election. Ms Stoner will stand for the Senate in New South Wales.

In addition to contesting the Senate the AJP will stand around 41 lower house candidates. Over sixty five per cent of AJP candidates are women.

National AJP President Professor Steve Garlick said today, “With a double dissolution election, the AJP has a reasonable chance of picking up the last Senate seat in a number of states and by targeting marginal lower house seats we aim to influence the outcome of the entire election.”
Professor Garlick said that the AJP aimed to stop cruelty to animals and improve the well-being of domestic, farm and native animals. “We need to restore the balance between the human, natural and animal worlds and to examine the potential impact on animals of government actions at federal, state and local levels,” he said.
“There are a growing number of political parties throughout the world focusing on animal welfare in countries ranging from the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy and Portugal to Turkey and Cyprus. With the Netherlands, the AJP is the second of the world’s political parties for animals to have a representative elected to one of its nation’s parliaments.

“Since we had a representative elected to the NSW Legislative Council last year, interest in the Party has grown considerably. Our membership is now six times what it was when we competed in our first national election in 2013. We expect our primary vote at the July 2 election to also increase”.

Professor Garlick said the Turnbull Government regularly demonstrated its lack of concern about cruelty to animals. “Since taking over the prime minister’s position Mr Turnbull’s government has dramatically increased the appalling live trade industry, given marketing support to the violent commercial kangaroo killing industry, allowed export of greyhound dogs for overseas racing and gambling industries and removed protection for flying foxes,” he said. 

“The Turnbull Government’s Budget gives scant attention to animal welfare, except to say it has become a state responsibility, although we know that many decisions made by the Commonwealth may impact negatively on the lives of animals.

“In the current era of multi-lateral free trade agreements, the Commonwealth’s abrogation of responsibility for animal welfare is simply unacceptable. Commonwealth Government responsibilities in animal welfare have now been watered down to mean virtually nothing. This has to change.”

Candidate and contact details:

State Electorate
Name Email
NSW Senate #1 Lynda Stoner lynda@animal-lib.org.au
  Senate #2 Gordon Elkington gordon.elkington@gmail.com
Victoria Senate #1 Bruce Poon bruce.poon.ajp@gmail.com
  Senate #2 Jacquie Edgecombe jacqui.edgecombe@ajpvic.org.au
WA Senate #1 Katrina Love animaljusticepartywa@gmail.com
  Senate #2 Alicia Sutton animaljusticepartywa@gmail.com
SA Senate #1 Tania Noble Taniamnoble.ajp@outlook.com
  Senate #2 Emma Breagan emmabreagan@yahoo.com.au
ACT Senate #1 Deborah Field deborahsan@hotmail.com
  Senate #2 Jessica Montagne cccadmin@grapevine.com.au
Qld Senate #1  Paul Bevan paulgbevan@gmail.com
  Senate #2 Zade Watson ajp.qld.bne@gmail.com
Lower House      
NSW Eden Monaro Frankie Seymour frankie.seymour-animaljustice@iinet.net.au
  Hughes Ellie Robertson ellie100@gmail.com
  Page Anna Ludvick annaclarejapan@gmail.com
  Richmond Angela Pollard apollard@lis.net.au
  Banks Roy Barnes senrabyor@hotmail.com
  Blue Mountains Hal Ginges gingeses@bigpond.net.au
  Barton TBA  
  Lyndsay Deborah Blundell compassion14@outlook.com
  Grayndler TBA  
Victoria Corangamite Andy Meddick andy.meddick.ajp@gmail.com
  Corio Jamie Overend jamieoverend@gmail.com
  Bendigo Ruth Parramore ruth.parramore@bigpond.com
  Casey Kristin Bacon kristin.bacon@ajpvic.org.au
  Latrobe Leah Folloni leah.folloni@ajpvic.org.au
  McMillan Jennifer McAdam jenny.mcadam.ajp@gmail.com
  Batman Caitlin Evans  caitlin_evans@hotmail.com
  Calwell Megan Searls  megazoid77@hotmail.com
  Melbourne Miranda Smith  miranda.smith@ajpvic.org.au
  Scullin John Matlen john.matlen.ajp@gmail.com
  Wills Camille Kennedy-Sydow camillesydow@gmail.com
  Aston Rosemary Lavin rosemary.lavin@ajpvic.org.au
  Deakin Vannessa Brown vanessa.browne@ajpvic.org.au
  Jaga Jaga Nathan Schram  nathan.schram@ajpvic.org.au
  Chisholm Nyree Walshe nyree.walshe.ajp@gmail.com
  Higgins Elleonor Gulloni eleonora.gullone.ajp@gmail.com
  Goldstein Naren Chellapah naren.chellappah.ajp@gmail.com
  Melbourne Ports Rob Smyth robert.smyth@bluereef.com.au
  McEwan Cathy Vaina cathy@fastat.com.au
  Flinders Ben Wild ben.wild@ajpvic.org.au
  Hotham Helen Jeges helen@jeges.org
  Issacs Elizabeth Johnston elizabethjohnston2008@hotmail.com
  Maribyrnong Fiona McRostie  fiona.mcrostie@ajpvic.org.au
  Menzies Anthony Hulbert  tony.hulbert.ajp@gmail.com
  Bruce Doug Leith  douglasleith@hotmail.com
  Dunkley Tyson Jack jack-diamond91@hotmail.com
  Holt Louella Scanu louella.scanu@gmail.com
South Australia Makin Zarina Greenburg Zarina.greenberg@gmail.com
  Sturt Geoff Russell Geoffrey.russell@gmail.com
  Adelaide Matt Tidswell Tidswell15@hotmail.com
  Hindmarsh Alyssa Liu beryllau@hotmail.com
  Port Adelaide TBA