AJP VIC News - February News


We have been busy over the summer planning out the year ahead and the election campaign(s) that will be happening this year. Nice to see so many of you out and about at rallies and events. No doubt over the next month, with the startup of Duck Shooting season and Jumps Racing, I will see many more of you! Take care out there, and hope to see many more of you as we ramp up for our biggest election ever.

Just today the Government have indicated their firm intention to reform the Senate voting system. While there are some logical and reasonable aspects to this, mostly they do it because it advantages the big parties over the small parties. None of it makes it easier for us, but we won't let their power and hubris stand in our way! Vote 1 AJP!

Shut it down!

On Sunday February 7th, rallies were held across the nation to call for a Shutdown to the cruel greyhound racing industry. The rallies were coordinated by the national greyhound racing campaign manager, Dr Eleonora Gullone (our candidate for Higgins in the forthcoming federal election). Many greyhound rescue groups were involved in the organisation of the events, and several animal welfare groups helped to spread the word.

As many as 2,700 people attended the rallies held in 11 different locations including all capital states and territories (with the exemption of the Northern Territory). The rallies received an enormous amount of media attention (and communicated the intended message loudly and clearly – that Australians want this industry shut down). Greyhound racing has lost any social license that it ever had and needs to be shut down as soon as possible. 

National AGM

Last Saturday the 20th of February the party held its Annual General Meeting in our new Sydney office. Our President, Professor Steve Garlick gave an inspiring speech which highlighted our many successes over the last year, and reminded us all of the task to come this year, especially the focus on the upcoming Federal election. Our own Fundraising Manager, Vanessa Browne, was one of the new National Committee members elected, as well as Brenton Edgecombe remaining Secretary (Federal and Victoria) and Bruce Poon remaining a committee member. 

Following on from the AGM we held a working meeting to think through some of the challenging issues with the election, like our campaign focus, media communications and organisational structures within the party.

Getting our corflutes in order

Thank you to all who assisted at polling booths in both 2013 (Federal) and 2014 (State) elections. If you still have any of the signage from those elections (corflutes, etc), then please contact[email protected] to arrange delivery or collection. We also sent several hundred to NSW before the last state election, and we are arranging for their return soon. 

On the other hand, if you WANT a corflute or banner, to put up in a prominent location (Yard, Window, etc), then let us know. There is nothing stopping us from displaying them for months ahead of the Federal election.

AJP Merchandise

Our online store is still going strong. If you want to help the party in a really easy way, buy and wear our brand (and be prepared to explain when the conversations start).

AJP Online Store

We will be increasing our stock and adding a few new lines over the next couple of months. Friends, family, pets? They all need AJP brand merchandise ;-)

Volunteering for the AJP

We are still looking for stall volunteers for:

  • Warrandyte Community Market, 9am - 1pm, Saturday the 5th of March
  • Blackburn Station Market, 9am - 1pm, Saturday the 12th of March

Email our Stalls Coordinator, Chris Dejonge ([email protected])

Are you interested in getting involved with AJP fundraising?
It’s a busy and expensive year for AJP as we lead into the federal election. This means lots of revenue-raising activities for the party. Our Fundraising Manager, Ness, is seeking enthusiastic, committed members to join her team. If you think planning and managing fundraising events might be your thing, please give Ness a call on 0425 809 958 or email[email protected]


The AJP Victoria is looking for a campaign coordinator to take the leading role in coordinating the Party’s campaign for the upcoming local council elections to be held on October 22. The successful candidate will be highly motivated with energy and initiative and have a passion for animal issues and the ultimate legal redefinition of animals as sentient beings with rights, as opposed to property. The candidate will preferably have some experience in political campaigning and knowledge of local-level politics in this state. This is a voluntary position.

The position will commence as soon as possible after the interviews are concluded. If you have an interest in this role, and would like to discuss the selection criteria, in the first instance please contact Fiona Heylan, volunteer coordinator, at[email protected]

Got some other skills or talents that you can help us with? Let Fiona know! [email protected]

Membership Renewals

Our Membership Management team would like to thank those of you who have responded to emails over the last months and renewed your Membership using our new online system. Membership is still only $20 per year (by date) and we'd like to invite those of you who have not yet renewed to do so at your earliest convenience.

It's very easy, click here and follow the prompts, or visitajpvic.org.au, click on 'Renew Membership' and follow the prompts.

If you don't do it, you'll be receiving a phone call from Jacqui Edgecombe or Tracey Baker, who spend countless (unpaid) hours reaching out to our non-financial members.  Help us out, help them out, renew today!! 

If you encounter any problems, or don't have an email address please contact Jacqui on 0417 040 930, 8711 3318 or[email protected]   If you would like to cancel your membership, please let us know and we can do that too!

Next regular member's meeting - Thursday 25th February 2016

A short reminder that our next members' meeting will be our regular monthly meeting this Thursday 25th at 6:30pm at Ross House, 247 Flinders Lane, Melbourne.

Last month we focused on planning out the year. This meeting we will catch you up on all the news and the latest from the AGM held last weekend in Sydney, run through the Election Plan, and workshop some of the marketing initiatives that we need to work on for the election this year.

Also, a reminder that each of eight Regional Groups hold monthly meetings, one in your area. If you want to know where and when, check out the Victorian website (ajpvic.org.au) or contact us on [email protected]

For the animals...