AJP Victoria News - June


Winning results for animals, one conversation at a time

Up to 40% of voters in some seats are voting early, rather than waiting for July 2 to cast their vote. At this election, for the first time, we are making a really serious effort to get to all these early voters, by having volunteers stand at the pre-poll booths.

I stood at pre-poll yesterday and I have just come back to the office from pre-poll in a cold, windy, rainy alleyway in the seat of Melbourne. Craig Kealy was standing there selling our message of compassion, and will be all day today and tomorrow.

I am blown away by the effort that everyone is putting in to this. If passion is any measure, AJP is going to win this election easily!


Ban Live Export

With the revelations last week about the horrible business in Vietnam, and the election just around the corner, it is time to get out and loud about live export. Join the Animal Justice Party at this Animals Australia snap rally in the electorate of Higgins, this Saturday 25th June.

Come along in your AJP t-shirts and hoodies and wave one of the Animal Justice Party signs to show the major parties that animal issues matter! Our very own Dr Eleonora Gullone, the candidate for Higgins, will be speaking at this event. This might be one of our few opportunities to talk about animal matters for this election.


The animals need you!

The AJP Team is at full steam ahead with preparations for the elections.  Many of us are still working in our usual full time jobs, and putting in some crazy late night hours trying to keep things moving. We do this because the animals need us, and we are asking you to join us to help them.  We cannot do this alone – without you, there is no way we can pull this election off.  

Our aim was to cover 1,000 booths but unfortunately we have a fair way to go before we reach that goal. But time is running out and we need to have all our printing and preparations finished by next week.


The 2nd July  is the most important day on the calendar for the animals as this is where we, the members and the voters, are able to send a very loud message to the other major parties that animals matter.  It’s through the power of the vote that they will make a change.

The other powerful lobby groups like the Shooters and Fishers understood a long time ago that if they want something done, they would have to become political.  It’s now time for us to make a stand against those who want to intentionally cause harm to animals – and the best way to help us make that stand is by actually standing… at a  booth on election day!

Statistically we have seen that the vote goes up by at least 50% for the AJP when someone is standing at a booth handing out how to vote cards.

Our presence helps people see that we are real, we are serious and that we have a strong message.


To register your interest please  go to ajpvic.org.au/volunteer and fill in all your details. You’ll be contacted by our Volunteer coordinator soon afterwards and assigned to a candidate. Alternatively, send an email to [email protected]

Grab your family, grab your friends, spread the message and let’s get animals onto the political agenda – together.

And don’t be scared if you haven’t done this before. We have instructions, a short video, and you will get all the support you need. If you still have any fear, just remember how animals are often treated and it will give you courage to get active.