AJP Victoria News - April


The election is on! The Prime Minister has indicated his clear intention to call a Double Dissolution election for the Federal Parliament for July 2. The Double Dissolution part means that all 76 Senate (upper house) spots will be spilled and be up for election. This is GREAT for us! A "DD" means we need to compete for 12 Senate spots in Victoria, rather than 6, and greatly improves our chance of winning a seat. 

We need your help! All supporters will be called on to assist us as far as you can during the next 9-10 weeks. We need writers to get into the media (see below), volunteers to hand out flyers, door-knocking and other campaigning throughout the period, and many people to hand out "How To Vote" cards on the day. The candidates need help to organise their events. The Fundraising Manager will need your help to sell raffle tickets, organise events, donate, etc. 

Remember that we are still a fully volunteer operation. We DO have a number of people who are working full time on party business, but they are all doing so because they believe so passionately in what we are doing here in the Animal Justice Party. As well, we have MANY people putting in terrific hours of work in addition to their regular full time jobs. Our very great thanks go to all these people. We are sorry that the next 10 weeks is going to be crazy!

Federal Election Plan

We have a detailed plan for the Federal election and are working through all of the tasks. We have pre-selected many candidates, and expect we will end up standing about 25 candidates in lower house seats, and 2 in the Senate. This is probably more than any other party except the majors (Lib/Nat, ALP, Green). Indeed, we think that we can probably come fourth overall in the vote in Victoria, and if can get over 4% of the vote, this will see the party recognised with federal funding.

We will send out official notification to all members and the press when all of these candidates have been endorsed by our National Committee. We are trying harder than ever to train, guide and prepare these candidates to win as many votes as possible. Our thanks go to all those who have nominated themselves to stand up for animals around Victoria.

We are standing in so many seats, and many of them marginal seats, in order to get leverage over the major parties in the election. They may not all care about animals, but they are all quite passionate about votes! Throughout the campaign we will keep our members and supporters informed about any new commitments we win from the other parties. The stronger our campaign, the more candidates, the more votes, the more likely this is.

Our marketing campaign is just beginning. You should start to see more and more material coming out about the AJP, including media releases, advertisements and public events. On social media, our Facebook page will continue to be a central point for issuing news and updates. Try and stay connected if you can. 

We are looking for as many people as possible to volunteer on Election Day, Saturday July 2, to attend a voting booth and hand out our How To Vote cards. We know this has a terrific impact on how many votes we get. Let us know if you can help.

For any general inquiries about how to help you can go to our Victorian AJP website at ajpvic.org.au/volunteer

Victorian Committee

We recently held our annual elections for the Victorian Committee of Management of the party. You will have noticed that there was no ballot went out, as there were exactly seven nominations for seven positions, so all were elected unopposed.

The new committee is:
Convenor: Bruce Poon
Secretary: Magda Wozny (returned after a one year absence)
Treasurer: Rosemary Lavin
and ordinary committee members:
Eleonora Gullone 
Kristin Bacon
Vanessa Browne
Miranda Smith (new)

Many thanks to Brenton Edgecombe who did an excellent job as Secretary in the past year (and remains the party's National Secretary and Eastern Metro Region Group Leader) and Andy Meddick who served a year on committee, and has now returned to his hard campaigning as our candidate for Corangamite and Western Region Group Leader.

Thanks also to Justine Curatolo who serves as Returning Officer and ran an excellent election process.

Rally to Ban Live Export

Monday 30th May 2016 marks the 5 year anniversary since the ABC’s 4 Corners program exposed the horrific cruelty inflicted upon Australian cattle in an Indonesian slaughterhouse. The “A Bloody Business” episode reached thousands of Australian living rooms and sickened every viewer in the country. The Animals Australia website crashed, and in the days that followed, thousands of people signed online petitions and animal rights groups held hundreds of rallies and marches across the country in an attempt to put an end to these horrendous crimes against living, breathing beings.

In 2016, the fight is far from over. Recent political developments mean that animals exported out of Australia are now even more at risk than before. With Barnaby Joyce now the Deputy Prime Minister we have a huge fight on our hands. Imagine what it's like for cattle and sheep to be boarded on to ships, made to stand for days, and arrive at their destination only to be brutally killed. That is no life! The current federal government simply does not care. Do you? Join us on 28th May in Geelong and fight to BAN LIVE EXPORT in Australia. Guest speakers include the Animal Justice Party candidate for Corangamite, Andy Meddick and Labor's Member for Wills, Kelvin Thomson MP - more speakers to be announced soon! JOIN OUR FIGHT. 

Join up on the Facebook event here.

Next members' meeting - Thursday 27th April 2016

Our next members' meeting will be our regular monthly meeting next Thursday 27th at 6:30pm at Ross House, 247 Flinders Lane, Melbourne.

We need you! If you're a member and wondering how you can help the party in its election campaign, we want to see you! Join us for tea, coffee and biscuits for an extra-special meeting that will focus on the Animal Justice Party election campaign. Come along and share your ideas, hear how the Animal Justice Party is progressing and learn about ways in which you can help over the next two months. This is a member-only meeting, however if you are not yet a member but interested in the party you can most definitely come along and sign up on the night.

Also, a reminder that each of eight Regional Groups hold monthly meetings, one in your area. If you want to know where and when, check out the Victorian website (ajpvic.org.au) or contact us on [email protected]

For the animals...