AJP Victoria News - January 2017

2017 is here and we're more determined than ever to end animal cruelty. 

With an election free year it provides us with a fantastic opportunity to grow the party, increase our supporters across Victoria and ensure we secure a seat in the 2018 Victorian state election. Securing a seat will ensure animals are represented in parliament, and laws and policies are implemented and enforced to achieve genuine justice for animals. With your support we know we can achieve this.


New Victorian laws are now in effect giving RSPCA Inspectors more power to fine those responsible for mistreating animals.

The recent changes to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (POCTA) legislation enacted by the Labor Government mean Agriculture Victoria officers, Victoria Police and RSPCA Inspectors all now have the authority to issue a notice to anyone committing a cruelty offence.

Causing animals to suffer can be a criminal offence and perpetrators can be fined up to $77,730 or face two years imprisonment if found guilty. Under previous law in Victoria, fines could only be issued to the owner of an animal.

We welcome this change and are happy things are moving in the right direction. However the AJP believes the only way to effectively prosecute animal cruelty offences is through the establishment of an Independent Office of Animal Welfare.


Possible changes to the Residential Tenancies Act include the banning of no-pet clauses

A ban on no-pet clauses would mean people no longer have to choose between a roof over their heads and the comfort their companion animals can bring.

Plenty of landlords are animal-lovers too and will welcome this change. Could these reforms make a difference in your life? If so you can write a submission to the Fairer Safer Housing paper by February 10.



Do you enjoy coconuts? If you are a consumer of coconut water, cream, milk, oil and butter, please take care to source it carefully as the vast majority of coconuts are picked by monkeys who are kept as slaves and worked 24/7. Many are babies stolen from their mothers and trained. Their mothers are then killed. Thanks to Animal Place you can find a list of cruelty free sourced coconuts.