AJP Victoria News - July 2016


Federal Election is over, counting is nearly done

In the Victorian lower house, we received more votes than any other minor party (so excluding the Coalition, Labor and The Greens). In Isaacs, Casey and Flinders we exceeded the 4% goal we set ourselves and will receive federal funding. We are also hopeful in the NSW seat of Hughes, where we are currently sitting on 3.99% (and need 6 more votes to hit 4%). In 12 seats across Australia we came 4th behind the major parties (LAB/LIB/GRN) and in 5 seats we appear to have affected the result (holding or changing the seat in line with our preferences). 

The counting of Senate votes is still continuing. As of this morning, they were over 90% counted, and were predicting a result around the middle of next week. We are hanging in there, and still have some hope of taking the 12th Senator spot, but we could also very well lose it. It all depends on the preferences that voters allocated, and nobody knows quite how to predict that yet.

The vote for our party has increased across the whole country, with Victoria having the highest vote total and percentage at 1.72%. Our vote here more than doubled from the last Federal election.

Thanks again to all our members and supporters who turned out in record numbers to hand out and help us with the election.

The Victorian Committee has embarked upon a comprehensive review of the election to make sure we know everything we did right and wrong, and to recommend improvements for next time. If you helped out you should get a survey emailed to you to capture your feedback, and the results of the whole review will be known in a couple of months.

Greyhound Racing Ban in NSW!

Following on from the special commission of inquiry into Greyhound racing in NSW, Premier Mike Baird agreed to ban greyhound racing in NSW forever. The ACT government has followed suit. You can read something about our role in it here.

Our efforts are going into supporting the bill through the parliament in NSW, and pushing for a matching ban here in Victoria. The Labor government in Victoria has said they will NOT ban greyhound racing, and this will see cruelty continue. We participated in a great rally for Greyhounds just this Sunday, which received coverage on TV and most papers. Special thanks to Eleonora Gullone, our campaign coordinator for the Greyhound campaign.

We have many more plans!

If you want to help with the Greyhound campaign, please let us know by emailing us on [email protected]

Victorian Local Government elections in October

The Committee has been busy planning for our next election! Yep, in just over 2 months voting starts in the local government (council) elections across most of the state. We hope to be running in many council areas, where we can have an impact on a variety of animal issues such as circuses, shelters, dog areas, wildlife culls, green wedges, hatching programs and a whole lot more. 

Stand by, and expect to see a call for nominations for people to stand up for animals at council. Would you make a great councillor for the animals? 

2016 National Conference

Taking a stand for those without a voice

The 2016 Animal Justice Party Conference, Saturday September 23 9.00 am – 5.00 pm, Sydney Mechanic’s School of Arts, Pitt Street, Sydney

Closing date for Abstract Submission 5pm 26th August 2016

Applicants need to submit an abstract of no more than 250 words with the following information:

·         Paper or workshop title indicating which of the three streams it is to be considered for.

Streams: 1. Policy & Organisational Direction 2. Engaging New People and Communicating the Message 3. Emerging Issues

·         Contact details of the presenter and their affiliation

·         Brief description of the paper or workshop. The description needs to demonstrate that the information to be presented is evidence based, new and important in relation to the AJP’s future.

We invite Abstracts for short paper presentations (30 minutes) and interactive workshops (90 minutes).

Short paper presentations will be grouped with related topics in a chaired session of 3 papers per 90 minute time slot on the Conference Program. For a 30 minute presentation you should use a format of 22 mins of presentation followed by 6 mins for a Question and Answer section at the end of your presentation.

Interactive Workshops have a 90 minute time slot and need to be participatory and have an interactive focus and clear outcomes. Workshops should involve some small group work or conversations in pairs in the audience and high levels of interaction between participants.

There will be a limited number of spots available for paper presentations and workshops. 

To submit an Abstract please complete an Abstract Submission Form (available from our website animaljusticeparty.org or from the event organiser)

Registrations will open shortly. Cost for Conference, all refreshments and lunch $75 or $50 for students and unwaged.

Should you require additional information on abstract submission or registrations please contact:

Greg Millan, Event Manager for Animal Justice Party

M 0417 772 390 e [email protected]lthservices.com.au

Rally to END the Melbourne Horse-Drawn Carriage Trade

This Saturday from 1-4pm we will gather at St Paul's Cathedral to protest the ongoing omnishambles that is the horse-drawn vehicles in the city. A few days ago, a horse was smashed in the head by a tram. According to police, the animal was dragged along by the tram for a short distance and suffered minor injuries to its head, face and foot. 

With local elections just around the corner, it is time to ramp up the pressure on the town hall and in particular, the Lord Mayor Robert Doyle who again will be running for Mayor. 

See the Facebook event here

Two upcoming party meetings

We have for a number of years held monthly meetings in the city on the 4th Thursday of the month. In addition, there are (roughly) monthly regional group meetings all around the state.

The next members' meeting is this Thursday the 28th of July, where we will gather feedback on the Federal Election, and discuss the upcoming local elections. Check the Facebook event here.

In future, we are thinking of moving to have members' meetings quarterly instead, with some other types of meetings in the other months. In particular, we want to find ways of welcoming and introducing new members to the party, working more on some of our animal campaigns, and keeping the party focused on actions for animals.

Have you ever thought about getting more involved with the AJP in Victoria? If so, we would love your company at a morning tea volunteer information session. We are always on the lookout for talented, energetic and positive people to fulfil a variety of roles, ranging from an hour or two a week through to substantial positions at a senior level. Whatever your particular skills and availability are, we have a position that is just right for you. The Victorian Committee will be on hand to fill you in on opportunities within the party and answer any questions you might have about how you can contribute.

Volunteering and keeping in touch

Jacqui our membership manager has done a fantastic job over the last year, but has had to move on to other tasks. Never fear, we still want to hear from you! If you have any membership queries, please contact us on [email protected]

Alternately, if you are a member and want to get more involved with one or more of our campaigns or initiatives, contact us through [email protected] 

For the animals...