AJP Victoria News - May 2017


We are thrilled to report that Melbourne City Council will cease offering permits to horse-drawn carriage operators from June 30 this year. The AJP ran candidates at the recent Council elections in order to get this banned, and much work has been done by us in lobbying Councillors to support this move for some time. The AJP played a significant role in making this the most complained-about issue to the Melbourne City Council, ultimately leading to this welcome decision.

A huge thank you to Melbourne Against Horse-Drawn Carriages  who spearheaded this campaign for the AJP over many years and has been instrumental in delivering this outcome. A huge thank you to all of you who attended rallies, wrote letters and made this an issue the Melbourne City Council could no longer ignore.

This is a huge win for the horses and the Animal Justice Party, however the fight for ending animal cruelty is far from over, and we will continue to make noise, lobby, protest and negotiate with all the political capital we have.


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