AJP Victoria News - May (Extra)


A lot of "extra" news this month because the election campaign is in full swing.

AJP Election Office

Just to let our members know that we will be running the election campaign from our new election office at 14 Ellingworth Parade, Box Hill. Thanks to our candidate for Melbourne Ports, Rob Smyth, we are taking over the whole building, so this should allow us plenty of room to meet, plan, ring people, sort out materials and generally prepare for July 2. 

Campaign Launch this Friday!

The 2016 Federal election is just around the corner, and the Animal Justice Party is launching our campaign in style! See and hear from all the candidates, including our lead Senate candidate and state party leader, Bruce Poon. You'll also get to see our very first AJP TV advertisement!

There will be food and drinks available (for FREE!) with some alcoholic drinks available for purchase. If you haven't bought your AJP merchandise for the election yet, we'll have some for sale too! 

7pm, Friday the 27th of May, Port Melbourne Town Hall - Main Auditorium, 333 Bay Street, Port Melbourne, Victoria 3207

Contact Details: Nathan - [email protected]

AJP Promotion

It has been great to get to a number of meetings lately with candidates and volunteers. Everyone is excited about our marketing campaign rolling out, and it has certainly begun, with AJP ads appearing on Facebook and Instagram, and a number of other sites. Our TV ad will appear online and on TV next month. Corflutes are starting to appear around the suburbs (let your RGL know if you need one!).

Scrutineers Wanted

Scrutineers are appointed by candidates to observe the counting of votes at their polling place. All proceedings at the count are open to scrutiny by the scrutineer. To become a scrutineer, you will need to be appointed by a candidate who will submit a completed appointment form on your behalf. The candidate must sign the form and give the name and address of the scrutineer. You must then sign the undertaking on the form stating you will not attempt to influence the vote of an elector and that you will not disclose any knowledge you may acquire concerning any elector's vote.

Once appointed, you will be given a badge without which you cannot enter the polling place. There are rules and conditions attached to the conduct of a scrutineer which you will need to be well-versed with before being appointed. The AEC has laid out these rules in a Scrutineer's Handbook available here: http://www.aec.gov.au/Elections/candidates/scrutineers-handbook/

Appointing a sufficient number of scrutineers is part of the recommendations for the 2016 election strategy, from the Election Committee. For more information, follow this link: http://www.aec.gov.au/voting/scrutineers.htm

If you want to volunteer as a scrutineer, talk to your local candidate, Regional Group Leader or the party Secretary ([email protected]).

Volunteering in general

All the candidates will need help now and on the day, July 2. If you can hand out HTVs on election day, doorknock or flyer before then, let us know at ajpvic.org.au/volunteer or email to [email protected]


Our stalls manager Chris de Jonge is taking a well deserved break and we would like to extend heartfelt gratitude to his work on stalls over the past 18 months. Chris managed stalls with calm aplomb, sourcing events, finding volunteers and coordinating it all with his own gentle style. We will miss Chris very much. As a result we are looking for someone to fill Chris' shoes. Our Treasurer Rosie is happy to assist the volunteer so do not feel you will be thrown in the deep end. We need someone who is willing and able to source events and organise volunteers for the stalls.

Are you up for the challenge? Please email [email protected]


Our fundraising team are working hard to get us the money we need to pay for our campaign. Help them out if you can. 

Tickets to our Gala Trivia night are on sale now!

Rally to Ban Live Export

Join us at our Ban Live Export rally 11am, 28th May. Meet at the Carousel, 1 Eastern Beach Road, Geelong. The Facebook event is here.

Next members' meeting - Thursday 26th May 2016

Our next members' meeting will be our regular monthly meeting this Thursday 26th May at 6:30pm at Ross House, 247 Flinders Lane, Melbourne.

Join us for tea, coffee and biscuits as we focus on election campaign actions. Come along and share your ideas, hear how the Animal Justice Party is progressing and learn about ways in which you can help over the next month or so. 

Also, a reminder that each of eight Regional Groups hold monthly meetings, one in your area. If you want to know where and when, check out the Victorian website (ajpvic.org.au) or contact us on [email protected]

For the animals...