AJP Victoria News - May (Extra)

A lot of "extra" news this month because the election campaign is in full swing.AJP Election OfficeJust to let our members know that we will be running the election campaign from our new election office at 14 Ellingworth Parade, Box Hill. Thanks to our candidate for Melbourne Ports, Rob Smyth, we are taking over the whole building, so this should allow us plenty of room to meet, plan, ring people, sort out materials and generally prepare for July 2.  Continue reading

AJP Victoria News - May

The first Double Dissolution election in Australia for 29 years is going to be conducted on the 2nd of July. This gives us an unprecedented opportunity to get AJP candidates elected in several states, with our best possibility being here in Victoria. Pre-polling will probably start on about the 14th of June, just over 4 weeks from now. Continue reading

AJP Victoria News - April

The election is on! The Prime Minister has indicated his clear intention to call a Double Dissolution election for the Federal Parliament for July 2. The Double Dissolution part means that all 76 Senate (upper house) spots will be spilled and be up for election. This is GREAT for us! A "DD" means we need to compete for 12 Senate spots in Victoria, rather than 6, and greatly improves our chance of winning a seat.  Continue reading

AJP Victoria News - March

  Many of us in the party are turning our minds to the upcoming Federal election. We have in place a strategy and plan for the election, and we are now implementing that. Many volunteers are involved now, and many more will be required throughout the next few months leading up to the day of the election.  Continue reading

AJP VIC News - February News

We have been busy over the summer planning out the year ahead and the election campaign(s) that will be happening this year. Nice to see so many of you out and about at rallies and events. No doubt over the next month, with the startup of Duck Shooting season and Jumps Racing, I will see many more of you! Take care out there, and hope to see many more of you as we ramp up for our biggest election ever. Just today the Government have indicated their firm intention to reform the Senate voting system. While there are some logical and reasonable aspects to this, mostly they do it because it advantages the big parties over the small parties. None of it makes it easier for us, but we won't let their power and hubris stand in our way! Vote 1 AJP! Continue reading

AJP Vic News - Upcoming Events

November and December are busy months for AJP Victoria, with plenty of events to appeal to all our members and supporters. Why not join us for a fun night out, whilst helping the party reach its fundraising goals at the same time? Continue reading

Ban Live Export

This week we saw more disturbing revelations about animal abuse arising from our live export of sheep and cattle from Australia. Animals Australia have called a national rally, which we will be attending in solidarity with all those opposed to this appalling industry.Come along and wear your AJP colours.  Continue reading

National Newsletter - Spring 2015

Please find attached here the AJP National Newsletter for Spring 2015

September News

A new PM, but the same bad policies? In another big week in politics, our Prime Minister has changed again. All very well, but if the government is still committed to expanding Live Export, increasing Factory farming and expanded wildlife slaughter, I don't see any advantages for animals.We need to see if the change in leadership paves the way for re-thinking some of the big issues. Respect for animals can only do wonders for Australia, whether it be our health, the economy or improvement in the lives of animals. Let us re-double our efforts to put pressure on the major political parties to change their attitude to animal issues.The polls now say the election is 'tight'. Good. The more they both need our votes in order to take or hold government.    Continue reading

August News

The power of conversation Like many of you, I find myself in constant conversation with new people about the Animal Justice Party, and it is a profoundly important form of 'outreach'. Sometimes I can give them the 1 minute version of what we are all about, and can see they are really thrilled to learn about us and want to get involved. I often tell them of our success in having an MP elected in NSW, our success in having the law changed around puppy mills and (we hope) BSL and animal testing, our increasing vote at each election. I wear my AJP branded T-shirts and Hoodie to a lot of the animal events I attend, and that often gets the conversation started with "What is the Animal Justice Party?". Others do this work at our organised stalls around town. We give our flyers, and more importantly, chat with people about our role and our progress. Many of our current members have been contacted in this way.  The first rule of the Animal Justice Party is to TELL PEOPLE about the Animal Justice Party!  Continue reading