Amanda Beattie candidate for Burwood


Amanda is excited to be running as a candidate for the Animal Justice Party in the seat of Burwood.

Growing up with a love and respect for animals, Amanda gained a passion for animal rights at a young age. After learning about the cruelty involved in animal industries during high school work experience she began to question her own morals and became vegetarian at the age of 15. Nowadays she lives a cruelty free lifestyle and continues to actively support animal rights campaigns.

Amanda wants to see increased penalties enforced for acts of animal cruelty, and feel the best way to  speak up for animals and our environment is through the parliamentary system. She also strongly supports the establishment of an Independent Animal Protection Agency.

Amanda believes animal and human rights are directly linked and feels that the way we treat those most vulnerable speaks volumes about who we are as a nation.

You can contact Amanda by emailing her at



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