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Help Amber Anderson get elected: Yarra City 2020


Amber is standing for Nicholls Ward in Yarra City Council.

Amber Anderson has lived in Fitzroy North with her husband and her rescue dog Rosie, for the past 10 years. Amber enjoys frequenting the beautiful green spaces and creeks in the area and appreciates the diversity of the community. With over 20 years of experience as a lawyer, executive, and animal welfare board director, Amber has all the skills and determination necessary to serve the Yarra community as a councillor.

Amber is passionate about community inclusion and transparency when it comes to Council’s processes and decision making. In particular, Amber will strive to offer accessible forums for residents to discuss development, parking, and road congestion. She will also support local businesses, improve community accessibility for the elderly and tackle housing affordability.

“After a professional career in the male-dominated sport of V8 racing, I believe strongly in equality and inclusivity, values which I champion on behalf of animals and people alike.”

Amber believes we have a community which cares deeply about animals and that Yarra Council should reflect this. One example of this is ensuring measures to nurture and protect grey-headed flying foxes and their habitat, particularly as summers become hotter. Amber also intends to provide community education on companion animal adoptions and to positively contribute towards the next Domestic Animal Management Plan. She will also promote peaceful and responsible co-existence with possums, bats, birds and other wild animals.

“I will listen to your concerns and provide an experienced and compassionate voice on Council for policies and practices that promote respect and kindness for both animals and people.”

“I am standing as an Animal Justice Party candidate to bring a new perspective to Yarra  Council and increase community engagement with the natural world. If elected, I will make decisions based on the values of kindness, rationality, equality and non-violence.”

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