Animal Justice Party Calls For An End To Greyhound Racing In Victoria

Media Release
Thursday 7 June 2016

According to Dr Eleonora Gullone, the Animal Justice Party’s greyhound racing campaign manager and the founder of the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds, “Victorian Racing Minister, Martin Pakula and Premier Andrews have little choice but to follow the actions of NSW and ban greyhound racing in Victoria.”
“Last February, 2,700 Australians gathered across the country to call for a ban on greyhound racing in the largest rally of its kind. This reinforced what we already know – greyhound racing has no social license to continue in Australia."
“The widespread cruelty including the killing of tens of thousands of young and healthy dogs every year because they can’t run fast enough, the live baiting of small animals, the high rate of catastrophic injuries on the track including broken backs and skull fractures, and the culture of cruelty that prevails in greyhound racing are not restricted to NSW.”
“These cruelties are part and parcel of the greyhound racing industry. The Victorian government must follow the NSW decision.”
“Arguments that greyhound racing provides jobs and economic benefit do not stack up: the 2014 Size and Scope report often used by the Victorian government as support to keep the industry going is seriously flawed.”
This report is based on unaudited data provided by the racing industry itself and prepared in line with terms of reference provided by the racing industry, calling into question its validity and reliability.
In contrast, an independent report released by IBISWorld in 2015 revealed an industry in economic decline in Victoria as well as the other Australian states and territories.
“Extensive evidence of cruelty and illegality, the expiry of its social license to operate and the fact that racing is in the declining stage of its economic life cycle mean that the Victorian government has no choice but to follow NSW’s lead and shut down greyhound racing in Victoria,” said Dr Gullone.
Note: The Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds, in conjunction with Caged North West in the U.K. is coordinating a national march to pay respect to the Murdered Millions of greyhounds in the industry. The details of the event can be found at:


Contacts for comment:
Dr Eleonora Gullone: Email: [email protected]  Phone: 0419 873 500