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  • Julie McLeod
    commented 2018-11-24 12:25:46 +1100
    a recent news article in my local paper showed a photo of a ship leaving harbour carrying live animals. The ship was rocking sideways so much it had to return to port. According to the paper, no animals were injured. I find this hard to believe after seeing photos of the ship. Is this just another cover up ?
  • Leanne thiele
    commented 2018-10-25 20:46:45 +1100
    Hey how can we change tbe laws so animals are recodnised as sentient beings so animal abusers get harsher punishmnent ?
  • Sumner Berg
    commented 2016-06-27 14:40:02 +1000
    I consider humans just another animal species but one that has a new genetical quirk that is being tested out in nature for its suitability to exist on this planet. If it wasn’t for this little quirk we would be living only in the equatorial regions of this planet, as we need warmth and clothing to be able to live in cooler climates. But we have become a plague species and instead of living with the environment have altered the environment to suit our WANTS not our needs. We have and will continue to destroy the very system that sustains ourselves along with all other life forms. We do everything we can to decrease the death rate but nothing, except wars and natural disaster, to increase the death rate. The human population is out of control and it is evident with the population expected to increase by 80,000,000 next year. Resources are limited but we carry on as if they are unlimited. We Australians are a bit more civilized than other countries and treat other animal life quite often better than we treat our own species. Nervelessness our treatment of domestic and so called animals of entertainment needs to stop. We consider ourselves superior to all other life forms but in the end we will enter the layers of fossils which will indicate how unsuccessful of a species that we were. We have entered the period of the sixth extinction and all we do id talk about climate change. The climate has always been changing but our greedy activities have just exacerbated the process and yet we have left it too late to do anything to significantly make any differences to the inevitable outcome. I personally am ashamed to be a member of the species Homo sapiens!!!
    I love and respect other animals to a greater degree than I do humans as they are at least honest, sincere, and care about their ownspecies unlike ourselves.
    10-4 over and out!!!
    Sumner Berg