Love Animals, Ban Fur

Melbourne City: Love Animals, Ban Fur

A recent survey has revealed the majority of people in the City of Melbourne support a ban on fur whilst more than half don't trust claims made by animal fashion retailers.

Well over 50 million animals die annually from the global fur trade. 80 per cent of fur produced globally comes from fur farms where animals are specifically bred for their fur, whilst a small percentage is still acquired using traps.  On fur farms, animals are routinely treated in horrific and violent ways.  In extreme confinement, animals are unable to perform almost all of their natural behaviours.   

As well as extreme cruelty, the fur industry is rife with deceptive and incorrect labelling which enables consumers to believe that what they are purchasing is ethical.  ‘Faux’ and unlabelled fur has tested positive for raccoon dog, domestic cat, mink and fox on several occasions since 2011 when investigations began. The most recent investigations have exposed fraudulent labels on items for sale at Queen Victoria Market as well as high-end fashion retailer Alexandra Australia.