Be heard this Federal Election

Be heard this election

Let the party you usually vote for know that animals matter. 

With the changes to the Group Voting Ticket you have the power to tell the party you vote for what matters to you.

If you care about animals, want animal cruelty stopped and want harsher punishments given to those that abuse animals then let your voice be heard this election by voting 1 Animal Justice Party. Putting the Animal Justice Party as number 1 will send a strong message to the party you put second that animals should be higher on the political agenda.

Be heard this election. Vote 1 Animal Justice Party and let them know you want

  • An end to factory farms
  • An end to live export
  • To stop the slaughter of native wildlife
  • A genuinely Independent Office of Animal Welfare to reduce the number of cases of animal cruelty and enforce animal protection laws

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