Bethwyn Mell - Candidate for La Trobe Ward City of Darebin


Bethwyn Mell candidate for La Trobe Ward City of Darebin

I have lived in all wards of Darebin over the last nine years and currently reside in Reservoir. My professional and educational history over the last 35 years includes architecture, fine arts and teaching. As a councillor, my primary aim is to truly represent all members of my ward and advocate for a more equitable, empathetic, supportive, inclusive and participatory community for everyone. I believe that making these improvements to our community not only affects the quality of life and well-being of those who are disadvantaged (both animal and human) but also benefits the lives of all.

In this election I am particularly concerned with animal welfare issues including ensuring Darebin:

  • Represents best practice in treatment of all animals, free-living and domesticated.
  • Improves the services available to companion animals and their humans.
  • Advocates for companion animal adoption programs and supported rehabilitation where necessary.

I am also concerned with issues particularly affecting human residents including the quality, security and the public interface of new residential development; provision of sustainability services for existing properties and public spaces; and enhancing the “Youth Incubator Project” to include the older unemployed as complimentary team members.

If you would like to discuss any issues with me, please don’t hesitate to get in touch: 0405 420 393 or

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