Bruce Poon


Lead Senate Candidate for Victoria

Bruce shares the party’s vision of a world where non-human animals are treated with compassion and respect. Apart from coordinating all our animal campaigns, he has worked especially closely with our campaigns to repeal Breed Specific Legislation for dogs, banning puppy mills, jumps racing and duck hunting.

He has been vegetarian or vegan for 30 years and involved in the research and promotion of plant based diets for most of that time. He has volunteered for Vegetarian Victoria and also participated in animal rescue, undercover filming and other aspects of animal protection work.

Bruce is also the joint founder of Aussie Action Abroad, an NGO that takes Australians overseas to perform community work in the developing world.

Bruce lives and works in the CBD of Melbourne. His background is in Information Technology project management, but he is currently working full time for the AJP as Victorian Convenor, member of the National Committee, Preferences Subcommittee and Animal Campaigns Manager. Bruce has a degree in Science (major in Computer Science). 

He has previously stood for the party as our lead senate candidate for Victoria in 2013 and lead candidate for Northern Metropolitan region in the 2014 Victorian elections.

You can contact Bruce by emailing him on [email protected]

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