Bronwen Baker candidate for seat of Lara


A resident of Lara in the Northern Suburbs of Geelong, Bronwen Baker believes in compassion, justice and equality for all people and animals. She is standing in the State election to provide a strong voice for those who can’t speak up for themselves – both human and non-human alike.

Bronwen is heavily involved in many aspects of animal welfare and advocacy. She is an active and passionate member of the Victorian Western Region of the Animal Justice Party, being the group’s Membership Manager, a candidate in last year’s local council election, and has been very involved several campaigns, rallies and protests.

In addition, she co-manages a local rescue and shelter that specialises in the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of domestic animals who wouldn’t be given a chance at other shelters - specifically stray cats and ex-racing greyhounds with little to no previous socialisation. She is also active on the wetlands throughout duck hunting season, rescuing and protecting our native waterbirds from slaughter in the name of sport.

A big believer in “people power”, Bronwen knows that with the right leadership, much can be achieved when people band together and speak up against injustice. She has recently demonstrated her ability to provide that leadership by bringing together  thousands of residents of Lara in the No Nuchev Campaign, which against all odds and despite tough opposition, recently persuaded the City of Greater Geelong Council to appeal to VCAT to overturn the planning permit previously granted for a stinking, cruel and dangerous intensive goat factory farm that was to be built within a stones-throw of local residences, schools and businesses. This was a true “David and Goliath" battle against a billion dollar company, which Bron and her “No Nuchev” team of residents won. No intensive goat factory for Lara!

“This is just one exciting example of people working together against the ‘powers that be’ to expose where injustices have occurred and achieve what is fair and right,” Bronwen says. “This is a big motivator for me standing for election. In what has traditionally been a very ‘safe seat’ for the Labor Party, the people of this electorate really have been taken for granted. We’ve been overlooked and put aside for too long. We have an exciting opportunity now to stand together and send a loud and clear message to the major parties that this needs to change.”

A strong leader and tireless campaigner for local community, Bronwen is the person to deliver this message. Issues affecting the region that are on her agenda include tackling local crime and antisocial behaviour, improving public transport, better employment outcomes in our region, and of course, an overhaul of the outdated and inadequate planning laws that allowed the Nuchev factory farm permit to be granted in the first place. She now has her sights on getting rid of the infamous Lara “tip", and forcing the State Govt to deliver on the long promised Northern ARC project for Geelong's Northern Suburbs.

As an Animal Justice Party member and candidate, she is, of course, committed to bringing about change for non-human animals. She will fight relentlessly for a ban on recreational duck shooting, the shutting down of the cruel and corrupt greyhound racing industry, and improved laws and compliance around the responsible keeping and breeding of companion animals.  

You can contact Bronwen by emailing her at


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