Bronwyn Currie Candidate for Mordialloc


Bronwyn Currie is a proud Victorian, born in Melbourne, her father was an Army Major and later Deputy Director of Victoria’s State Emergency Service and her mother, a nurse who managed an Aged Care Facility prior to retirement.  Bronwyn had the opportunity to spend some primary years living in South Australia and Papua New Guinea before residing in the Victorian countryside and then bayside Melbourne where she has lived since.

Starting her career in Public Administration, Bronwyn’s first position was with the Adult Parole Board.  She has had a successful career in Human Resource Management with Victoria’s Department of Justice prior to raising her family of five children, currently attending primary, secondary school and university.  With a lifelong interest in social justice, Bronwyn was a member of Amnesty International and People for Nuclear Disarmament as a teen and recently was a Settlement Services Program Volunteer.  Her interest in justice issues continues and Bronwyn is currently undertaking further study whilst continuing to raise her children, care for her fiancé, diagnosed with a rare blood cancer and advocating strongly for animal justice.

Having had the opportunity to travel extensively, Bronwyn’s combined experiences have given her the opportunity to see firsthand how animals are treated in many parts of the world as well as Australia. Some of these experiences have been deeply upsetting, galvanising her determination to achieve better lives and treatment for all animals.

Whilst she has been vegetarian for considerable periods, Bronwyn became vegan in the past three years and actively involved recently with the animal liberation community.  The Animal Justice Party has as its core values kindness, equality, rationality and non-violence which align perfectly with Bronwyn’s personal values. Bronwyn believes passionately in equality for all, humans and nonhumans and through Australia’s first political party exclusively for the animals, Bronwyn seeks now to achieve significant improvement in the lives of animals on a political level.

Bronwyn is especially interested to bring an end to all live export, bring about the end of battery cages and would like to achieve truth in advertising in relation to factory farmed animal products and see the introduction of health warnings on processed meats and develop health strategies, targeting children in particular, to avoid processed meats linked to various cancers and health conditions as well as to see the introduction of an Independent Office of Animal Welfare in Victoria.


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  • tardis3
    commented 2018-10-05 13:25:28 +1000
    I hope your passion can make a difference in Mordialloc, I’ll be voting for you.