Bronwyn Gardiner candidate for Kew


Bron has been a member of the Animal Justice Party for six years and has made the decision to step up and represent the party as a candidate for the Kew District in the upcoming 2018 Victorian State Election. Bron has lived in the area for 26 years and feels it is time to give the people of the district, and the state, an alternative.  An alternative that will not only bring justice to the animals but improved health and wellbeing to the people along with huge environmental benefits.

Bron turned to vegetarianism close to 43 years ago for a fitter and healthier life style. After being made aware of the cruelty associated with the dairy and egg producing industries, the next step was to move to a vegan diet and to cease using products produced that caused animal cruelty or exploitation. This move was made over 18 years ago and the benefits and rewards from this decision continue.  

Bron shares The Animal Justice Party’s overriding objective - to provide a voice for policies and practices that promote respect, kindness, compassion and understanding toward other animals and, as a result, offer an opportunity for better outcomes for all.

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