Bruce Poon candidate for the City of Melbourne


Bruce Poon candidate for the City of Melbourne

I am running on a platform of improved companion animal management, an end to horse-drawn carriages on city streets, environmental and wildlife sustainability and fairer rates for residents and business.

Currently there are too many companion dogs and cats killed every year in our pounds and Melbourne has the third highest number of cruelty reports of any municipality in Victoria. I will move to crack down on animal cruelty and minimise the killing of companion animals. We must also have greater transparency and access to information regarding our pound services and the animals within them. I will work to make sure the City of Melbourne becomes a pet friendly community where all pets are safe and all carers have the support they need, including increased off-lead parks and no discrimination against renters with companion animals.

Melbourne’s horse carriage trade is cruel, unnecessary and dangerous, resulting in frequent incidents and injuries to horses, pedestrians and cyclists. I will fight to ban this street trade and promote the city’s many cruelty-free entertainment options.

Industries that use animals in entertainment including the racing industry should not have their use of our land subsidised. Nor should empty sites be ‘land banked’ for decades. By charging for fair use of our land, rates for residents and businesses can be reduced.

I have lived in the city of Melbourne for over 15 years and have many years experience on animal campaigns. Throughout this time I have campaigned heavily for an end to animal cruelty in many fields, including an end to jumps racing, greyhound racing, cruel cosmetics, Breed Specific Legislation in dogs, Puppy Mills and Factory Farming.

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  • Stephen Bacon
    commented 2016-10-09 18:47:13 +1100
    Thankyou Bruce, the City of Melbourne could do with an honest, ethical candidate who will will work to improve the situation animals face and also the residents and businesses. Alana 🐝