Wendy Morrison Candidate for seat of Buninyong


After being born and educated in Ballarat, Wendy left to travel and live in various parts of Australia before returning to beautiful Ballarat in 2017. The majority of her work life has been spent in offices within a variety of different industries, and for the previous two years she has been working as a legal assistant.

Wendy recalls having a strong connection with animals as a child and being a junior RSPCA member. In 2003 she had a “light bulb” moment and stopped eating lamb after making eye contact with a distressed sheep. From that point she dedicated her life to learning about animals used within the human food chain and quickly became vegan.

Wendy believes in equality for all living beings. She believes if society can achieve that then peace on earth should be possible.

Looking after the environment is also a high priority Wendy. She wants to live in a world where the government focuses on creating sustainable industries and ensures our planet stays healthy for future generations to enjoy.

You can contact Wendy by emailing her at wendy.morrison.ajp@gmail.com


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