Candace Feild candidate for Malvern


Candace has always been an animal lover but became vegan 3 years ago and in that time has become immersed in animal rights and enlightening people about the benefits (health, environment and animal kindness) of a plant based diet. She regularly attends animal rights rallies, vigils and marches and is excited to see that veganism is becoming more embraced by Victorians and that people are evolving to question the animal cruelty involved in their dietary choices. 

Candace has been working in the creative sector for 10 years and prior to this spent 10 years in HR but her 'side hustle' is her business Vegan Eye Candy which creates active wear for passionate vegans.

Candace and her partner Craig share their home with a dopey golden retriever named Sammy and a grumpy rescue greyhound named Cyril.

You can contact Candace by emailing her at




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