Catherine Taylor Candidate for Brighton


Catherine is proud to be standing as the Animal Justice Party candidate for Brighton in the upcoming Victorian State Election.

Catherine has lived in Brighton for the last 10 years. She has always been passionate about the environment and animal welfare issues and believes that in an evolved and civilized society, recognition must be given to animals as sentient beings who experience pain and emotional distress as do humans. She believes many new ethical issues have to be addressed in this very fast changing time in which we live.

Catherine believes the time has come for contemporary animal protection laws to be introduced, debated in government, laws enacted and then enforced. Particularly of importance, is the establishment of an ‘Independent Office of Animal Welfare’. The only way this will be achieved is to have dedicated people elected into parliament.

The Animal Justice Party values of kindness, compassion, rationality and non-violence, should be applied to all areas of modern life and extend to respect for the land, the environment, fellow life, not only in Victoria but for the entire fragile planet.

Catherine is originally from Sydney and has worked in media, radio and for the last 16 years has been a marriage celebrant. She has daughters and grandchildren, loves Brighton as her chosen patch, it’s community, it’s lifestyle and its insurmountable natural beauty.


You can contact Catherine by emailing her at



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