Chris Delforce - Victoria's 2nd Senate Candidate

Let's get Chris Elected! 

Animal Justice Party Victoria is proud to announce Chris Delforce as our Second Senate Candidate for Victoria in the upcoming Federal Election.

Chris is the writer and director of animal rights documentaries Dominion and Lucent, and has been an activist for over 10 years. In 2014, he founded Aussie Farms (now called Farm Transparency Project) an organisation dedicated to exposing the reality of animal agriculture and advocating for the public's right to know about what goes on behind the farm gate. 

In addition to full-time animal advocacy work, Chris is currently undertaking a law degree with a view to creatively use the legal system to improve the lives of animals. Recently, he initiated a High Court challenge to a NSW Ag-Gag law - the hearing is set for Feb 2022.

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Contesting elections is a costly exercise - it's a $2000 fee per candidate to get on the ballot paper and then there are advertising and printing costs! We estimate it will cost us a minimum of $10k to cover candidate fees, advertising and printing for Chris's campaign. We'd love to double or triple that to give him the best chance of being elected to represent AJP in the Senate. 

Can you chip in to cover some of the costs? 

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