Become an AJP candidate in the 2020 Council Elections

2020 Local Council Election



The Local Council Elections 2020 is in our sights. 24 October 2020 to be exact!


Our vision is a planet on which animals are treated with respect, dignity, compassion and kindness, where they are able to flourish in their respective environments, and where their unique needs and capabilities are recognised and their interests are protected.

The Animal Justice Party recognises a need for animal representation in all levels of politics, including the local level. We have already had an impact on the political landscape, shaping the creation of more animal-friendly policies and directions within the major parties at a state and federal level. We know we can continue the same positive influence within our local communities that will in-turn improve the lives and well-being of all.

Our values of kindness, non-violence, rationality and equality are timeless principles that underpin the character of the Animal Justice Party in Victoria. 

Why should the Animal Justice Party run for Council?

Local council elections give our Party the opportunity to highlight the many concerns we have for animal protection at the local level.
The AJP has a raft of policies on companion animals, animal shelters, stray cats and dogs, affordable desexing and no-kill shelters that can all be implemented at the local level.

We can also articulate our policies in terms of habitat protection and wildlife and how our approach to the biodiversity extinction and climate emergency can be prosecuted at the local level.

It has never been more important to think globally and act locally. Our policies in this regard are just as pertinent at the local level as they are on a State, Federal and international basis.

Local governments need to consider so much more than rates, roads and rubbish. They are and should be responsible for the protection of the local environment and all her residents, which includes non-human animals.  Our policies clearly outline this necessity and include issues such as health,  recycling, through to sustainability and of course animal protection.

Decisions made at the local government level have a massive impact on animals and this is our opportunity to make sure they are included in all decision making.

How to nominate


To nominate as a candidate there are certain criteria that must be fulfilled. Our easy online application form has all the information you require to know if you are eligible to run.  We seek people who have a presence and interest in their community, are willing to run a campaign, commit to training and participate at AJP meetings and are great team workers.

For advice on Council Elections, Council profiles and what it means to be a Councillor, there are many resources available through the VEC and other websites such as Know Your Council.