Cr Charlie Vincent - Alpine Shire

In October 2020, Charlie was proudly elected as Councillor for Alpine Shire.

Charlie spent her youth frequenting the Alpine Shire on holiday, and recently finally made her dream to live there come true. A mother of two preschool-aged girls and a small business owner, with an unwavering passion for Alpine Victoria, Charlie Vincent is perfectly suited to represent the Alpine Shire Community. Charlie has over 15 years of Senior Management experience and brings with her a wealth of experience working in diverse and challenging roles for both corporate, and not-for-profit sectors in Australia and Canada. Her primary industry experience is in Tourism as well as Sport and Recreation.

Being a local small business owner, Charlie and her family like so many others, have faced one of the toughest years on record. After witnessing the devastating toll this Summer’s fires had on wildlife and animals used in production and the environment - followed by COVID-19 - Charlie felt compelled to act and to run for local government. 

“This year has highlighted the critical need for strong future-focused leadership which protects both the interests of local residents, business owners and the animals in the community that make up the Shire. We must ensure that appropriate support is available in times of crisis." 

She believes that the political systems at all levels needs to consider not only human interests, but the interests of the natural environment and all living beings Charlie is inspired by the overwhelming compassion that is prevalent in the community to protect native wildlife and believes that working together with council, we have the power to lead the way in the areas of animal welfare and environmental sustainability.

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