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Camille Sydow is the candidate for Wills

Camille is a Veterinary student in her 7th of 8 years of study. Prior to embarking on her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine she achieved a Bachelor of Science from Melbourne University majoring in reproductive and cell biology. She looks forward to working in small animal practice and eventually in shelter medicine and overseas disaster relief. At University she is President of the Group for Student Welfare and is the Animal Engagement representative for the Veterinary Association of Victoria. She has volunteered for and is a long-time member of Animals Australia and the RSPCA. She has volunteered at shelters, including the RSPCA and Lort Smith animal hospital, as well as Melbourne Zoo and Healsville Sanctuary.

On weekends she spends time with her family, which includes many animals and works in small pet supply shop to support her studies. She also enjoys walking her dogs, running and exploring the many vegan cafes in her area. For her 21st birthday she went to Sumatra, Indonesia to raise awareness about the plight of their diminishing orangutan population and to fundraise for the purchase of private land to create a protected sanctuary.

She is passionate about living a cruelty free life and supporting people to move towards a plant based diet, but believes to create real change we need to work with, rather than against, animal industries. She has a special interest in animal welfare law and education, and is committed to developing positive changes for animals. She is passionate about ending factory farming, shutting down puppy factories and seeing an end to greyhound racing. 

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