Cultured Meats

Meat cultured from individual animal cells has the potential to replace meat produced from killing animals. But if cultured meat is identical to normal meat, it will cause the same health problems. If it is different, it may better or worse; it is too early to say.

The AJP will judge such meat replacements on a case by case basis as the evidence emerges.

Key Objectives

1. To ask the NHMRC to report on the state and potential for cultured meat, dairy and egg products.

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  • Vincent Berraud
    commented 2016-06-06 19:22:59 +1000
    This policy doesn’t seem logical and doesn’t quite agree with your “health” policy. The health policy seems rather well written to me and you mention of excessive consumption of specific types of meat can be unhealthy. I fail to see how a reasonable consumption of cultured meat means health problems.