Cathy Vaina


Cathy Vaina is the candidate for McEwen

A passion for caring for animals has been high on Cathy’s list of priorities for the last couple of decades.  Cathy has personally rescued all her animal companions who have brought untold joy into her life.  As well as running her own small business, she finds time to also volunteer at an animal shelter weekly – a hobby which she finds enormously rewarding.

She sees a real need in our society to “up” the ante on our animal welfare – the way in which we treat all animals reflects on who we are individually as well as culturally.  Standards of welfare that apply to some of our domestic pets, sadly do not apply to “farm” animals and this is causing enormous cruelty and suffering.  Cathy believes if we could all raise our awareness and compassion for all animals, we would heighten the standards and enjoyment of all living creatures on our planet, not just for us humans. 

Cathy believes bringing about real change requires more than just individual effort – it requires policies and laws and this is where the Animal Justice Party comes into the picture as they are only political party totally dedicated to animal welfare and raising the bar for all standards with tighter laws to enforce better action, prevent animal cruelty and therefore improve the quality of all animals lives.   A vote for the Animal Justice Party is a vote for a better world for all.

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