Damien Pitts Candidate for Polwarth


Damien lives on the Surf Coast with his young family and works as a community lawyer in Geelong. He has appeared in courts all across Victoria as an advocate for people and communities struggling to gain access to justice, including Indigenous people, people with disabilities, and people in remote rural areas.

Damien became interested in animal rights several years ago. In part, this came from realising how closely tied animal rights are to the current global environmental crisis.

Damien is determined to see measurable, positive legal change in the way Victoria treats animals. For example, he firmly believes in the need to establish a fully Independent Office of Animal Welfare to replace the present, outmoded system for tackling animal neglect and abuse.

In the electorate of Polwarth, he is particularly concerned about the widespread, poorly regulated use of 1080 that is putting the lives of many native and domestic animals alike at risk. He also wants to see common-sense protections for animals at rail and other large vehicle crossings, in the form of under- and over-passes. As a surfer and coastal resident, he is also committed to better protections for conservation areas from pollution and short-term exploitation.


You can contact Damien by emailing him at damien.pitts.ajp@gmail.com


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