Derrin Craig second Upper House Candidate for South Eastern Metro


Derrin’s animal rights journey began as a young child when she frequently witnessed the unloading of whole pig into a butcher’s shop.  She was instantly horrified and upset and from then on, she stopped eating meat.

Later on she got involved in animal activism whilst working for Anita Roddick in the charity department at The Body Shop head office in Littlehampton, UK.  Groups of like-minded individuals would often spend their weekends at local shopping centres collecting signatures for their ‘Against Animal Testing’ campaign.  Employees would volunteer to have new cosmetic products tested on themselves to spare the suffering of innocent animals.

Derrin emigrated to Australia 16 years ago and transitioned to veganism six years ago after learning of the desperate plight of bobby calves in the dairy industry.  More recently, her activism focus has been on ending the Live Export Trade.


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