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Help Us Help Animals - Donate now to our 2020 Local Government Election Campaign

The Animal Justice Party relies on your donations & membership to be able to run in local government elections.

We have a tough fight ahead with the reduced ability to reach the public through forums and events what with COVID19 in place. The government has decided that we should continue on with elections, even though this means that people who are running as councillor candidates for the first time are VERY disadvantaged in being able to meet with their communities.

We will be relying more than ever on an online presence, and on flyers reaching peoples post boxes (where we can with COVID regulations allowing it).  We need money AND people power to help get those flyers into post boxes and the digital adverts shared!

With animal issues becoming more public, we can see a growing trend in people showing interest in helping protect them. We can do so much more when we have people right in the heart of the community where local laws are made, as so many of these laws do negatively affect animals and their habitat. AJP Councillors are sorely needed to help represent those who receive the least recognition of all community members - the animals.

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