GOAL: $10,000.00

Help Ruth win McEwen in the Federal Election 2019




Ruth retired from the paid workforce in 2011 after more than thirty years employment in human services, including community health, and youth and adult community corrections. She also worked and volunteered in public housing and believes that compassion and relationship building is important in assisting people to make changes in their lives. This belief has only strengthened since adopting veganism as a life-changing choice.

Ruth lives in the Macedon Ranges, volunteers at Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary and actively supports a range of organisations that advocate for building a kinder world for animals. She believes that standing as a candidate for the Animal Justice Party gives voters the opportunity to inform the major parties that animals matter and that live export and intensive or factory farming are inherently cruel and unacceptable to the majority of Australians. She is passionate about the need to protect our iconic native animals and has a strong belief that humanity must change its attitude to its dependence on animals as food and hopes for a time when animals are respected and protected and given a status that acknowledges their sentience and right to live their own lives free from cruelty.

You can contact Ruth by emailing her or follow her on Facebook.