Donate to helps us win seats in the Victorian Parliament

The Animal Justice Party cannot stand candidates in Victoria’s State Elections without your support to pay for social media advertising, printing and campaigning. With enough money to raise awareness of AJP we have a real chance of having more candidates elected into different levels of government, and with that kind of power we can achieve great things.

All credit card donations are processed securely via Stripe with full PCI standard compliance because we value your privacy and security.

The minimum online donation to AJP is $10. There is a maximum amount that can be donated to state campaigns in Victoria, and donations are subject to the following conditions:

  • Any donations per donor that are in excess of $1,040 per calendar year are subject to disclosure under the provisions of the Electoral Act 2002 (Victoria).
  • Donations are capped at $4160 per donor per election cycle.
  • Donations under $52 do not contribute to donation caps or disclosure thresholds.
  • Donations may be made by a business with an Australian Business Number only.
  • Foreign donations cannot be accepted at all for state campaigns.

Further information on Victorian political donation laws

*Donations made by Australian citizens or residents over $2 to a maximum of $1,500 per year are tax-deductible.