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  • Ellie Boekman
    followed this page 2019-05-07 20:27:49 +1000
  • Suzanne Beattie-Johnson
    followed this page 2019-05-02 12:32:55 +1000
  • Susan Hill
    followed this page 2019-04-29 13:31:13 +1000
  • Michael Mammis
    commented 2019-04-24 14:23:57 +1000
    Support animals
  • Paul Watson
    followed this page 2019-04-23 16:59:27 +1000
  • Jo Rye
    commented 2019-04-22 17:20:53 +1000
    Kindness, Equality, Rationality and Non-Violence; these are the key values of the Animal Justice Party.
    I will be supporting Bryn Hills of the AJP in the upcoming election. I want to finally see an end to Live Export! The AJP also tackles the cruelty of duck shooting and kangaroo culling, amongst other important issues. There are many reasons to support the AJP which reveal that it is more than a single issue party.
  • Deborah Clarke
    commented 2019-04-19 07:25:31 +1000
    Let’s get some compassion and sense into parliament now.
  • Heath Kilgour
    commented 2019-04-16 09:55:31 +1000
    Good luck Ben. Fingers crossed for you and the AJP this election. I have donated $2k for a lower house candidate.
  • Alii Kate
    commented 2019-04-15 15:58:22 +1000
    Every cent counts – Lets do this!
  • Ben Schultz
    commented 2019-04-07 08:12:10 +1000
    Just donated $1000 to help the Federal Election campaign. Let’s finally Ban Live Export!
  • Kay Russo
    followed this page 2018-04-08 22:12:45 +1000
  • Meaghan Hughes
    commented 2018-02-25 22:48:29 +1100
    Hi guys, is there a way to set up a monthly donation? Thanks 😊