GOAL: $10,000.00

Help Travis win Casey this Federal Election 2019!




Travis Barker resides in Belgrave Heights amongst the gumtrees and beautiful wildlife with his wife, two young daughters and rescue dog, Mr Rice.  Having spent most of his adult life in the Ranges, Travis loves the local community and the value that each person contributes, which creates a warm and welcoming environment. 

Travis and his wife run a small local business providing tuition for children. His passion for working with children has grown since volunteering with YMCA running youth leadership camps for students from low socio-economic backgrounds.  Travis understands that education is a vital building block for our future and that through knowledge we can connect, respect and help each other.

Previous to his work in education, Travis worked in finance and has also been appointed the treasurer at a local kindergarten.
He has also combined his passion for teaching and a love of animals by volunteering as a Mentor for Challenge 22+ helping people experience and transition to a vegan lifestyle.

As a swimmer, he has learned to respect and be mindful of the environment. This has led him to participate in beach cleanups, promote low waste living and advocate for a reduction of our impact on the planet, animals and humans through compassionate lifestyle choices.
Travis is also an ambassador for the animals, always promoting better living conditions for them, including an end to cruel forms of ‘recreation’ such as duck shooting.
Travis and his family were involved in volunteering during the Bush fires, by taking food and medical supplies to Shelters.

Travis is dedicated to representing the electorate of Casey being a voice for animals, the environment and you!
Can can contact Travis by emailing him or follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter