GOAL: $10,000.00

Help Vinita win Deakin in the Federal Election 2019




Vinita is a psychologist based in the leafy suburb of Mooroolbark. Vinita is a passionate advocate for animal rights based on their sentience. Vinita, like so many vegans, was initially a vegetarian under the false perception marketed by the dairy industry that it has an ethical and moral foundation. It is these false perceptions fed to the public that fuelled the fire for Vinita to actively seek a way to educate the community about the horrendous underlying processes undertaken by the meat and dairy industries, which are driven by profit to the detriment of ethics.

Vinita has a sincere belief in the fundamental goodness of human nature, particularly in relation to our capacity to empathise. It is this capacity to empathise that Vinita believes will be instrumental in changing the meat and dairy industries via community pressure; on the basis that our community is educated about the abhorrent conditions animals are exposed to.

Vinita also has a strong commitment to facilitating a safe and fruitful environment for all the beautiful animals we are privileged to coexist with. As a proud member of the Animal Justice Party, Vinita hopes to evoke the allegiance of our goodhearted community to stand up for what is right and just, in relation to maintaining a basic but fundamental respect for sentient life, irrespective of the scenario. Vinita is a firm believer that failure to maintain appropriate standards of care for all living beings within our community, who are vulnerable and defenceless, not only lowers our overall moral compass, but makes us a part of the problem.


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