Rosemary Lavin Upper House Lead Candidate Eastern Metro


Rosemary arrived from South Africa in 2007 and became an Australian citizen in 2012. She represented the Animal Justice Party in the Lower House seats of Batman (2013) and the Eastern Metropolitan Region (2014 and 2016) elections.  She was Treasurer for AJP Victoria from 2014 – 2017 and has worked on campaigns to ban jumps racing, protect Grey Headed Flying foxes and to release dogs and cats from Victorian laboratories.

She believes legislation is the best way to protect animals from exploitation, degradation and abuse and if elected will focus on shutting down all puppy farms and kitten mills, protecting Knox Lake from developers and banning jumps racing and duck shooting.

Her love of animals led her to rescuing wildlife and volunteering at a wildlife shelter from 2012 – 2017. She would like to see more people taking action on environmental issues such as campaigning for stronger climate change policies and ending factory farming.

Rosemary lives in Ferntree Gully with her mother, son and 3 rescued companions – two of whom were rescued from puppy farms.  She currently works in the Health, Safety and Environment department of an energy company and has degrees in Music, Psychology and Anthropology.


You can contact Rosemary by emailing her at


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