Elizabeth Johnston


Elizabeth Johnston is the candidate for Isaacs

Elizabeth has decided to stand as an Animal Justice Party candidate in the seat of Isaacs in the 2016 Federal double election. This has followed her disillusionment with the major parties and their lack of interest and lack of action in protecting animals from abuse and exploitation especially farm animals caught up in the cruel agricultural systems of factory farming and the live export trade. Exemptions from animal cruelty  laws leave them virtually unprotected in these industries.

After becoming a member of the Animal Justice Party she participated in the 2014 State Election distributing literature calling for legislation to end puppy factories, duck shooting and greyhound and horse racing. She believes in the Animal Justice Party core commitment to protect the interests of animals and their environments and believes this ensures a better life for all. Due to an increased awareness of the cruelty involved in using animals or animal products for food she decided to adopt a plant based diet.

Elizabeth lives in the suburb of Aspendale in Melbourne's south eastern region. She works as an office manager in the areas of accounting and taxation.

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