Elliot Taylor Candidate for Kardinia ward City of Greater Geelong


Elliot Taylor
Candidate for Kardinia ward City of Greater Geelong

As a photographer who has lived in Geelong for 10 years now, I have the benefit of seeing this city from both an inside and outside perspective. I believe we need to funnel significantly more funds into the Geelong Animal Welfare Society, an organisation that is a real asset to the pet owners of Geelong, but in recent years has been in the red by several hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As well as improving conditions for companion animals, I also believe we need to shutdown Greyhound training facilities in the local area. As well as being entirely unnecessary and often hotspots for animal cruelty, these facilities cause havoc for neighbouring residents, with such occurrences as noise issues and pollution issues coming from poor animal waste management. Local properties have been known to house hundreds of dogs. Greyhound training facilities should bare no part of our progressive, animal-loving city. In addition to these reforms, I believe we need to follow the Surf Coast Council’s lead in putting a ban on all forms of animal based entertainment.

We have seen a rise in crime in the last year in suburbs all over Kardinia and as councillor I would work to increase funding for local community and neighbourhood watch groups that encourage communities to work together to reduce the risk of crime. I want to work in line with the Clever and Creative Future Plan recently published by the City of Geelong to ensure that the future of Geelong is one of the healthiest, educated, eco-friendly and advanced cities in Australia.

Please don’t hesitate in contacting me if you have any questions or would like to share the changes you would like to see in Kardinia. You can email me at elliot.taylor.ajp@gmail.com

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