Federal Election - AJP Victoria

Bronwyn Currie is the Victorian Lead Senate Candidate

Bronwyn is running as our Lead Senate Candidate to drive change on important animal and environmental issues. If elected she will work to introduce legislation to ban live export, protect wildlife nationwide and improve animal cruelty prevention laws.  Importantly, she will devote herself to addressing the climate and biodiversity crises facing the planet, which endanger the lives of all animals, including humans.  

“I want to provide real, effective incentives for change. We must help the agriculture and business sectors to transition to more sustainable and plant-based practices. We can’t waste any more time on this”.

Animal Justice Party is totally behind Bron’s vision for a kinder, more rational and safer world and we know that you will join us in supporting her!


Announcement: Chris Delforce is our #2 Senate Candidate

Chris is the writer and director of animal rights documentaries Dominion and Lucent, and has been an activist for over 10 years. In 2014, he founded Aussie Farms (now called Farm Transparency Project) an organisation dedicated to exposing the reality of animal agriculture and advocating for the public's right to know about what goes on behind the farm gate. 


The Animal Justice Party is the only political party in Australia dedicated to protecting all animals. Our Victorian and NSW MPs are already taking huge steps forward for animals, holding the government to account, and introducing bills to end animal cruelty.

We have never been in a better position to win our first-ever Senator in Federal Parliament. With the immensely cruel live export industry sitting under federal legislation, and the Federal Election approaching, we have a real chance to end it.

However, we can’t do any of this without you! We need PEOPLE to power our Federal Election campaign. Volunteers are the backbone of our election campaign, and there are a number of ways you can get involved:

Represent the Animal Justice Party as a Candidate!

Animal Justice Party candidates in the Lower House raise public awareness of animal cruelty. You could campaign directly to improve the lives of all animals and increase our vote overall. Please be a voice for animals and make a difference on federal issues by applying to be a candidate!

Volunteer for AJP at the Election!

Be a political presence for animals by handing out How To Vote cards at voting centres on pre-polling and polling days. You get to engage with thousands of people, asking them to Vote 1 for positive change for animals. Handing out HTVs significantly increases the number of votes we receive, and the more votes we receive, the better the leverage we have to make legislative changes for animals. 

Being an AJP volunteer gives you a fantastic opportunity to put your passion for animals into action and work alongside other fun, diverse and inspiring volunteers who are advocating for animals! The most effective and rapid way to achieve change for animals is through the Australian parliamentary system and changing legislation. As a volunteer, you will play an instrumental role - sign up to volunteer now! 

Donate to our Election Campaign! 

The Animal Justice Party relies on regular donations to be able to run in Federal Elections. Support our Election campaign by making a one-time contribution or by starting a donation subscription today - click here to donate!